AHS Heart of Eden Catalogue

35LTR BAGS AVAILABLE IN Enriched Topsoil PRODUCT DETAILS Enriched Topsoil is a rich and fertile product suitable for creating new beds and borders, as well as raised beds. It boosts trees and shrubs during the planting process, and it can also be used for general lawn repair and preparation, for example to prepare a seed bed when laying a lawn. In addition, Enriched Topsoil is ideal to improve your own natural soil thanks to its blend of premium quality ingredients. It is enriched with naturally occurring nutrients and balanced fertiliser levels to ensure healthy and vigorous plants at all stages of growth and under a variety of situations. USES l Creating raised beds l Laying lawns and levelling l Reviving soil APPLICATION RATE Mix one-part Enriched Topsoil with one part existing soil (50/50) for all beds and borders. To create raised beds, mix Enriched Topsoil 50/50 with the existing soil, or use on its own. Enriched Topsoil can be mixed 50/50 with existing soil or used on its own to seed new lawns or before laying new turf. Enriched Topsoil can be used on its own or mixed 50/50 with soil when replanting trees and shrubs. ahs-ltd.co.uk 9